We didn’t hire any architect, just a surveyor, a friend of ours, who supervised all the technical works. His advices were precious indeed, especially because for me it was the first time dealing with workers and such a huge amount of work to do.
The first thing I did was find sources of inspiration. I knew what I liked: Japanese esthetic and Scandi style, I wanted to mix these two elements together without giving up the old Italian “heart” of our house.
So I started researching on the net, following bloggers, pinterest boards, saving tons of inspiration pictures, but I already had some clear ideas in my mind.

Neutri Artesia


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First post


Exactly one year ago we started the renovation of our old house. We already lived there but decided to buy it from my boyfriend’s parents and to transport the house from the 60′ to the 21st century.

I found myself fond of interior design and started following a lot of design websites and bloggers (there are so many talented people out there, I was impressed), if I had the chance to restart from scratch I would definitely try to do such a job for a living. It’s an incredible sensation to see something undergo a massive process of transformation, it gives you chill, it make you angry, it gives you nightmares but in the end it makes you really happy and satisfied with yourself.

To celebrate this exciting year I decided to open a blog about our renovation work and also about interior design and other stuff I love.

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