Outdated home trends

I just finished reading this article about outdated home trends on ELLE decor website.

It’s a really interesting comparison between the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s trends and today more minimalistic or eclectic trends, but it’s also scary to recognize some of the most outdated ones are still living in my parents’ house!

As for my own house, well, I’m not afraid to admit that outdated trend n. 3 is still present! ^_^ I also love it a lot and don’t think I’ll ever ditch it. Curious about which one is it? Go and check the above link!

I also believe everyone of us still is attached to at least one of these: which is your most outdated decorating sin?

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Carrara Marble

I just love  Carrara marble, maybe it’s because I live very close to Carrara, the city of marble itself, but I’ve always been fascinating  by this material: natural, strong, full of light and beautiful.

Fortunately it looks like marble has made a come back in the design world lately. You can see it everywhere in any form, not just in the kitchen but in accessories, furniture, tiles, walls, ecc.

I’ve used it in a more traditional way: kitchen countertop, table and windowsills. That’s because I wanted the house to keep its old Italian charme. You have to know that marble countertops and kitchen tables were the symbol of old country family houses in Italy, especially farmers’ houses. Our kitchen table was “rescued” from our basement, where it’s been rotting for years, and once were used by my in-laws in their butchery shop. This means that it’s a bit stained and old-looking, but that’s its true wabi-sabi charme, I love it just how it is.



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