The history of our house

House renovation: where do I start?

Well, let’s start by saying our house is old, it’s the combination of two different buildings and when I say old I mean beginning of XX century old.

house renovation

I find this picture of our stairs in the midst of renovation, very fascinating.

The family of my boyfriend’s mother used to live in one of these houses and her distant relatives used to live in the other. After many years and many events she inherited both of them and when she married my boyfriend’s father they decided to combine the two houses together and getting them ready for a family of five.

The structure of the house is therefore pretty particular, first of all it’s developed vertically in 4 floors: basement (whose connection with the main building has been closed with a built-in wardrobe), first floor with the entry, second floor with kitchen, living and dining and third floors with bedrooms. Rooms are small, walls are huge, windows have arches and ceilings are low.

Many generations have lived in this house and its style was the typical mix of 60’s and 70’s one can find in many Italian old houses: flower tiles in the kitchen and bathroom, different flooring in each room, mixed furniture. We bought it in January 2015 and decided to finally bring it in XXI century but without giving up its old features, which had always fascinated me since the first time I stepped in it.

It was hard convincing my boyfriend to buy and renovate his house, but it really needed it and at the end I had a leg up on him, as all women usually have.

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