We didn’t hire any architect, just a surveyor, a friend of ours, who supervised all the technical works. His advices were precious indeed, especially because for me it was the first time dealing with workers and such a huge amount of work to do.
The first thing I did was find sources of inspiration. I knew what I liked: Japanese esthetic and Scandi style, I wanted to mix these two elements together without giving up the old Italian “heart” of our house.
So I started researching on the net, following bloggers, pinterest boards, saving tons of inspiration pictures, but I already had some clear ideas in my mind.

Neutri Artesia

This was what started it all, something like 1 year and half ago I spotted these beautiful slate hexagonal tiles from Artesia in one shop of my town and immediately fell in love with them! They’re made of natural Italian slate, I knew I wanted to use them in our house but I didn’t know how and where yet.


rustic parquet inspiration

I’ve always loved parquet floors, even if I never had them in my previous house; we searched a lot until we found the perfect rustic wooden planks: double smoked oak with natural grey shades from San Marino company Ali Parquets.


Cole and son great wave

Another thing I wanted to display in the house was our love for Japan, and what better than Hokusai masterpiece The great wave of Kanagawa? I didn’t want a plain poster but something less cliché and more useful. After months of research I’ve been lucky to find this beautiful Great Wave wallpaper on Cole and Son website.


New Yorker tiles Settecento

New York is one of the cities I love most and one of the few for which I’d abandon the Italian sea of CinqueTerre (a few kms from my homeplace), that’s why I absolutely wanted to have white subway tiles in bathroom and kitchen. Again I fancied something more unique than the standard tiles, so we opted for Settecento New Yorker ceramic tiles with gloss finish. The surface is slightly textured creating a beautiful effect.


Carrara Marble

Marble. I live a few kms from Carrara, the hometown of Carrara marble, how could I not use it? It’s a beautiful natural material, classic and contemporary at the same time.

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