Kitchen demolition: work in progress

Exciting, refreshing, scary, stressful. Demolition of your house may assume many shades, it can get you on the edge of your nerves, but when you imagine the potential behind all the rubble everything gets in place and you can’t wait to see how it’ll turn out.

As I previously mentioned our kitchen was really old, like 60’s old, as you may see from the yellow flowered tiles, so typical in Italian houses over that period. I didn’t want any of it, I like black, monochrome, modern rustic look.

Entry door to kitchen after demolition, and here below how it was before.

kitchen-door-oldYellow flowers on the wall, different floors, jambs where once there were doors: everything went away.



Old style furniture, the room was stuffy, full of cabinets and accessories everywhere, really not functional. Here’s a picture of the demolition havoc.

kitchen-wall1-demolitionWords on the wall were written by workmen to remind themselves where kitchen sink, dishwasher, oven and cabinets were to be positioned.


And here’s the new kitchen modern look taking its form!


kitchen-wall2-oldAnother corner of the old kitchen with more cabinets and stuff. Here below everything disappeared!



The last corner of our kitchen, the one with window, before and after demolition.



And a preview of how the kitchen will turn out eventually, I can’t say how much I was excited once I saw the floor coming out exactly as I wished for!



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